Simplifying HMI Visualization Programming Languages

Date: 4/25/2016

AIS’s Panel PCs Utilize Open Platform Programming Languages with Integrated Hardware & Software for HMI Visualization, Allowing Efficient Integration into Automation and Control

AIS’s HMI Operator Panels Support .NET Programming Languages Including Visual Basic .NET, Visual C#, C++, and Many Other Programming Languages for Custom Automation and Control Systems

HMI Visualization, ASP.NET Web Application, Web Service, Web Control, Visual Basic .NET, Visual C#, C++ IRVINE, CALIFORNIA – April 25, 2016 – American Industrial Systems, Inc. (AIS) an innovator, designer and manufacturer of Human Machine Interface (HMI) Touch Panels, Operator Interface Terminals, Industrial Box PCs, and Industrial Thin Clients announces their Smart family of HMI Operator Panels support an extensive range of .NET programming languages. This family of intelligent, advanced PC-based rugged HMI touch Screens from AIS include their Premium, Standard and Compact Series, HMI, SCADA and MES applications in plants operations. By utilizing open architecture design, AIS’s Industrial HMI Touch Panel Interfaces allow OEMs, systems integrators, and end-users to utilize .NET programming languages, including Visual Basic .Net, Visual C#, C++ and other programming languages as well for their HMI automation, control and monitoring systems.

Supporting .Net Programming Languages Allows AIS’s Premium, Standard and Compact HMI Touch Panel PC Series to Deliver Total Connectivity Between People, Systems and Devices

As explained on the Microsoft Web site, “Microsoft .NET is a set of Microsoft software technologies for connecting information, people, systems and devices. It enables a high level of software integration through the use of Web services — small, discrete building block applications that connect to each other as well as to other larger applications over the Internet.” Written in extensible markup language (XML), a universal language for data exchange, these Web services via AIS’s powerful and smart, Open Touch Panel HMIs and touchscreens allow data communication across the Internet (or within intranets) between otherwise unconnected sources. XML, upon which all Web services are based, is an open industry standard managed by the World Wide Web Consortium. XML. The .NET Platform programming use .NET Framework services and features through a common set of unified classes. The .NET unified classes provide a consistent method of accessing the platform's functionality. With .Net Programming Languages and AIS’s industrial, HMI Touch Panels, users no longer need to learn and master different API architectures to write applications. Visual Basic provides prototypes of some common project types, including:

  • Windows Application
  • Class Library
  • Windows Control Library
  • ASP.NET Web Application
  • ASP.NET Web Service
  • Web Control Library
  • Console Application
  • Windows Service

With AIS’s Industrial Panel PCs, Customers can Use ADO.NET To Access Data Sources and New .NET Framework Data Providers Including SQL Server, OLE DB, ODBC, And Oracle

 Utilizing open platform programming languages means AIS’s Industrial Panel PCs are an integrated hardware and software solution for HMI Visualization in automation, control and monitoring applications. This allows for efficient integration into automation, control and monitoring systems. Most HMI applications require some form of data access for new application and have the choice of ADO.NET, ADO, and OLE DB. ADO.NET is the strategic application-level interface for providing data access services in the Microsoft .NET Platform. ADO.NET is designed specifically for message-based Web applications while still providing preferable functionality for other application architectures. For applications written in native code, ADO provides a COM-based application-level interface for OLE DB data providers. Similar to ADO.NET, ADO supports a variety of development needs, including the creation of front-end database clients and middle-tier business objects using live connections to data in relational databases and other stores.

AIS’s HMI Panel PC Utilizing .NET Integration Frameworks Transitions Optical, Achieve Easy, Cost-Effective Assembly of Software Objects for High Performance Visibility to HMI Systems

Using standard protocols including HTTP, XML, XSD, SOAP, And WSDL. XML web services, AIS’s Embedded Panel PCs and Interfaces help provide the ability to exchange messages in a scalable environment. In addition to easy and cost efficient assembly of software objects, AIS industrial touch panel PCs (IPC) utilizing .NET integration offers numerous possibilities for data mining to drive enterprise resource planning (ERP) functions and high performance visibility to HMI systems for end users. Additionally, third-party libraries, built with .NET Framework managed code for custom automation systems, .NET HMI, SCADA or other industrial solutions, AIS’s open architecture HMI design with .NET communications libraries eliminate the need to purchase a communications driver from the PLC manufacturer or use an OPC server with its associated hardware and software costs.

About AIS

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