Industrial Box PC and Fanless Embedded Computer

Date: 8/3/2015

AIS’s New Box Industrial PCs (IPC) and Fanless Embedded Computers Combine Expansion Capability, Modularity and Performance for Increased Manufacturing Process Efficiency, Quality and Productivity

AIS’s New Premium, Standard and Compact Series of Open Platform Industrial Computers offer Rugged, Reliable and Scalable Architecture for Connecting Machines, Collecting and Analyzing Data

Industrial Box IPCs and Fanless Embedded ComputersIRVINE, CALIFORNIA – August 3rd, 2015 – American Industrial Systems, Inc. (AIS) the leader of open architecture, HMI Panels, Industrial PCs (IPCs), Fanless Industrial Computers and Embedded Computers, has now introduced a new family of Box Industrial PCs to their offering. AIS’s new family of Industrial Box PCs are part of their latest portfolio of automation, control and monitoring solutions, which include DIN Rail and Thin Client IPCs. The new family of industrial computers and embedded computers provide customers a great range of choices, hardware formats, sizes and mounting options to solve their automation, control and monitoring system problems and challenges.

Depending on their Needs, Users Can Choose from Fully Modular, Expandable Industrial Box Computers, to Compact, Rugged and Simple Industrial Computing Solutions

This new series of Industrial Box PCs from AIS allow customers to build their system by mixing and matching different displays, components and other devices to suit their exact system requirements, while enjoying the incredible power and advanced features of AIS’s new line of rugged, embedded industrial computers as the engine of their automation control and monitoring system.

As the gateway to IIoT and Industry 4.0 technologies, this new family of Box Industrial PCs demonstrate AIS’s commitment and capabilities to help bring together machines, people and data in the factory, the field and remote locations; from IT to OT; from the factory floor to the enterprise. The new series provide customers with a comprehensive solution set to serve almost any problem or automation system requirements in a host of commercial and/or industrial harsh environments.

AIS Offers More Industrial Box Computer Choices and Selections to Solve the Broadest Range of Automation Control, Monitoring, SCADA, IIoT & Industry 4.0 Requirements

AIS’s fanless, embedded Box computers and Industrial PCs consist of three distinctly different models which were specifically designed to serve different customers, industry requirements and applications. The new family of Industrial Box IPCs include three very unique models:

Premium Box Industrial PC (IPC): As its name indicates, the Premium model industrial computer is the top-of-the-line, most advanced Box computer available from AIS. With its Intel®
Core™ i7 processor as the engine and DDR3L-1600 memory (up to 16 GB), the Premium model is capable of delivering blazing fast data processing, computing speeds and the high performance engine required for IIoT, M2M and Industry 4.0 application with “Big Data” data collection and analysis. Perhaps equal to its impressive power, is the Premium series modularity.

Industrial Fanless Box PC-Premium IPCAIS’s Premium series Industrial Box PCs are a fully modular system, field replaceable, easy-to-service and maintenance-free. They also provide customers expandability with removable storage and a PCIe slot. AIS’s Premium rugged computer systems also come standard with Windows Embedded Standard 7/8 and X86 PC-based platforms. Finally, these rugged Industrial PCs from AIS have UL listing and a CB scheme certificate.

Standard Box Industrial PC (IPC): The Standard model offers the greatest application versatility by providing an exceptionally great balance between cost, features, power and performance in a rugged enclosure. Similar to its big brother, the Premium industrial computer, the Standard Box PC addresses a slightly wider range of applications due to its lower price point. It covers everything from middle-to-high-end SCADA applications to basic control and monitoring. These fanless, embedded computer systems from AIS are ideal for collecting and analyzing data in the plant or in the field, as well as OEM machinery and equipment.

Industrial Fanless Box PC-Standard IPCThe Standard series from AIS are loaded with Intel’s® Atom™ E3845 Processor, DDR3L-1333 memory, with up to 8 GB of memory and come standard with Windows Embedded Standard 7/8 and X86 PC-based platforms. Like the Premium it is modular, field replaceable, easy to service, rugged and vibration resistant system with UL listing and CB scheme certificate.

Compact Box Industrial PC (IPC): Built to meet low-power consumption requirements, the Compact Industrial Computer is ultra-compact for enclosures and machines where limited space and small size are of critical importance. They deliver real-time performance in a compact footprint in a lightweight, aluminum die-cast housing. Even as an affordable solution, the Compact Industrial PC devices from AIS are full-featured, general purpose automation control and monitoring solutions suitable for broad range of applications requiring compact footprint. Although lower in cost than its other family members, the Compact computer offers much of the same functionality, features and function that are common across all of AIS’s open platform and rugged IPC control and monitoring designs.

Industrial Fanless Box PC-Compact IPCAs fanless embedded computer systems, AIS’s Compact computer systems are ideal for equipment and infrastructures with repetitive and simple tasks. While delivering advanced performance, its Intel N2930 processor is energy efficient and generates less heat, so it serves as an environmental friendly interface that reduces energy consumption and costs. Finally, the Compact line of embedded rugged computers come standard with Windows Embedded Compact 7 or Embedded 7/8 operating systems. They carry a host of certifications and marks including: UL, CE, CB Scheme Certificate, FCC and CE compliance.

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