Simplifying Internet Based Computing In Manufacturing

Date: 4/4/2016

AIS’s Touch Screen Panel IPCs Leverages the Latest OPC, OLE Automation and ActiveX Control Standard for Accelerating HMI and SCADA Application Development

AIS’s Cloud-based HMI Panels Support Internet-based Computing and OPC UA Platform with OLE, COM, and DCOM Standards for Applications in Industrial Automation and Process Control Systems

Cloud-based HMI Panels Support Internet-based Computing and OPC UA PlatformIRVINE, CALIFORNIA – April 4, 2016 – American Industrial Systems, Inc. (AIS) an innovator, designer and manufacturer of Human Machine Interface (HMI) Touch Panels, Operator Interface Terminals, Industrial Box PCs, and Industrial Thin Clients, announced today their Cloud-based HMIs and Touch Screen Panel IPCs support the latest OPC, OLE Automation and Active X Control Standard for accelerating HMI and SCADA application development. In today’s fast changing requirements in factory and plant automation, AIS’s HMI Touch Panels, Premium, Standard and Compact HMIs help industrial facilities expedite the development of their on-demand computing, web-based HMI, SCADA, Control, Monitoring, Visualization and Automation applications. Building internet-based computing applications with AIS Industrial Touch Panel PC has many advantages for industrial plants and factories including: cost effectiveness, communications efficiency and data readily available to everyone within an organization. Software deployment can be fully automated and reduces training time thanks to its intuitive operation, flexibility and ease-of-use.

AIS’s Industrial Panel PCs Support ActiveX Controls, COM, and DCOM to Deliver Advanced Cloud Computing Capabilities and Enables Unified Configuration for Industrial HMI and SACADA Systems

HMI Touch Panels with Cloud and Internet Based Computing and OPC UA PlatformAIS’s advanced Industrial HMIs and Touch Panel PCs help users enjoy the many advantages of internet-based computing for their plant operations by supporting ActiveX controls, COM and Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM). HMI and SCADA applications can reside and be accessed with a simple web browser via AIS’s Premium, Standard or Compact HMIs. Data sources like OPC UA are specifically designed to feed data securely and reliably into the cloud environment. OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) is an industrial M2M communication protocol for interoperability developed by the OPC Foundation. It is the successor to Open Platform Communications (OPC).  

Plants are leveraging OPC UA’s power to not only access data at faster rates and more reliably than before, but now have the ability to do more with that data. Archiving and trending is no longer all that can be accomplished thanks to AIS’s Premium, Standard and Compact industrial touch panels now supporting communications protocols for interoperability. With OPC UA’s built in web services, companies can now share critical data securely with AIS’s industrial PC-based HMIs to multiple operators via the web. In addition, with AIS’s touch screen panel (IPCs) multiple operators have the ability to manipulate process data from multiple geographic locations in real-time.

AIS’s Internet-based HMIs Provide the Advantages of OPC UA Platform with M2M Communication Protocol to Connect, Manage, Monitor and Control Automation Devices and Software Applications in the Cloud

Internet-based HMI Touch Panels from AIS provide many benefits for back office and management of industrial facilities including trending, alarming, graphics and more. The data server, alarming, calculation and logging services can live in the cloud. The cost savings in sharing the streaming data from OPC UA Servers over the Internet via AIS’s Premium, Standard and Compact browser- based HMIs will be achieved quickly as deploying AIS industrial touchscreens will be fast, easy and affordable. AIS Web-based, touch panel HMI are ideal for applications in process applications which include industrial, infrastructure, and facility-based processes:

  • Industrial processes include those of manufacturing, production, power generation, fabrication, and refining, and may run in continuous, batch, repetitive, or discrete modes.
  • Infrastructure processes may be public or private, and include water treatment and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, oil and gas pipelines, electrical power transmission and distribution, wind farms, civil defense siren systems, and large communication systems.
  • Facility processes occur both in public facilities and private ones, including buildings, airports, ships, and space stations. They monitor and control heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC), access, and energy consumption.

AIS’s Industrial Panel PCs Support Inter-Process Communication that Provide a Common Standard for Industrial HMI, SCADA and Field Electronic Communications

Many applications are both clients and servers, as commonly seen in distributed computing. Methods for achieving Smart IPCs and Thin Client PCs are divided into categories which vary based on software requirements, such as performance and modularity requirements and system circumstances, such as network bandwidth and latency. Typically, applications can use Smart IPCs categorized as clients and servers, where the client requests data and the server responds to client requests.

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