Room Scheduling Display Solutions

Date: 8/25/2013

The 10.1” Smart, Multi-Touch “Room Scheduling” Panel PC from AIS Improves Enterprise, Office and Professional Workers Productivity

Also suitable for access control, interactive security, patient room information displays and more.

Conference Room Scheduler Display The new Smart, Multi-Touch Room Scheduling Panel PC from American Industrial Systems (AIS) provide powerful interactive and easy-to-use room scheduling display solutions that greatly improve communication, collaboration and worker productivity in the factory, office and professional environment. Available with a 10.1” screen, the AIS conference room scheduler display or industrial comfort control panel features open embedded architecture technologies. The display is fully integrated, utilizing the very latest in Projective Capacitive Touch display (PCT) technology in industrial-grade LCD panels. PCT technology is a capacitance system that delivers a sensitive and accurate two-touch interactive user experience.

Many people think primarily of industrial machine control, military, marine and aerospace applications when they think of advanced visualization and interactive PCT technology, but PCT multi-touch technology has also found its way into many other new markets and applications.  Some popular market segments include: corporate, building automation, home automation, education, healthcare and government…in applications as varied as access control, room scheduling and reservations, interactive security and interactive patient room information displays.

A key feature of the new AIS Multi-Touch Panel PC is its Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) capability. As the need for end devices continue to expand for communications, collaboration, security and productivity, the need for PoE capabilities to support these end devices with increased power requirements is essential. Its PoE capability reduces energy consumption by providing network resiliency at a lower cost through consolidation of backup power in telecom and equipment closets.  It also facilitates faster deployment of new building access networking infrastructures by eliminating the need for power outlets at every end-point. 

Powered by an embedded Intel® Atom™ dual core technology processor and Microsoft® Windows® Embedded Operating Systems, the AIS Multi-Touch Panel PC combines the best in performance, power management, form factor and open architecture technologies, while ensuring reliability and compatibility across different applications with connectivity between other devices and third party tools. 

universal arm mounts with mounting kits Easy and secure mounting and configurability of touch panel displays are always considerations for users. AIS room scheduler displays and industrial comfort panels offer a multi-configurable flat panel mount that can handle a variety of situations and mounting applications. Wall, glass and universal arm mounts with mounting kits are available options to make selection easy.

Nelson Tsay, President of AIS, adds “Office workers and professionals today spend a significant portion of their time each day at work planning and scheduling meetings and searching for available conference and meeting rooms. The interactive and intelligent, Multi-Touch Panel PC from AIS allows them to perform these tasks much faster, easier and more efficiently.”

About AIS

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