New White Paper on How Modern Multi-Touch Technology Impacts Business

Date: 4/8/2013


Technology is touching more people’s lives every day. Multi touch-enabled devices and equipment can sense touch inputs in more than one location simultaneously, and they are having a profound impact in industrial settings. Nearly everyone is beginning to interact frequently with multi-touch technology, including end-users, panel operators, engineers, managers, purchasers, executives and other decision-makers. Multi touch technology can make workers more productive and facilities more profitable, because users can simply do so many things with just their fingers than was previously possible.

Multi Touch Capacitive Touch Screen

Executive Summary:

By offering a more complete picture of how modern multi-touch technology is impacting business, the more we can better understand the environmental, ergonomic, economic and workflow enhancements that are resulting from innovations of this technology. This paper focuses specifically on new and existing users of equipment in the fields of building automation and HVAC, medical & healthcare, interactive and self-service kiosks. Moreover, it evaluates the most current technologies, features and benefits of multi-touch technology.


  • What Is Multi Touch?
    • The Benefits of Multi Touch Over Single Touch
  • What Is Capacitive Touch Technology?
    • Capacitance-Based Sensors
  • Touch Screen Construction
  • Overview of Touch-Input Software
    • Windows Multi Touch
    • Off The Shelf (OTS) Software
  • Conclusion

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Multi-Touch Technology: Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT; also PCAP) Technology

White Paper Download: What’s New in Multi Touch Technology?

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