Industrial Panel PC with MUI Technology

Date: 3/14/2016

AIS’s Industrial Panel PCs Are Ready for Worldwide Deployment with Preinstalled Windows 7 Ultimate Operating System and MUI Technology for Global HMI Solutions

AIS’s Industrial HMI Touch Panels with Multilingual User Interface (MUI) Technology Provides Users a Localized User Interface Language and Resource Management for Globalized Applications

Industrial Panel PCs and Touch Screen HMIs with MUI TechnologyIRVINE, CALIFORNIA – March 14, 2016 – American Industrial Systems, Inc. (AIS) an innovator, designer and manufacturer of Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), HMI Touch Panels, Industrial Touch Screen Displays, Operator Interface Terminals (OITs), Box PCs, Industrial PCs, and Thin Clients, announces their intelligent series of Industrial Panel PCs (IPCs) and HMI Touch Panels with preinstalled Microsoft’s Windows 7 Ultimate Operating System and Multilingual User Interface (MUI). This includes the Premium, Standard, Compact and Compact Plus Series of Industrial HMI Touch Panels and Touchscreens. Multilingual User Interface (MUI) is a technology that provides users a localized user interface for globalized applications and user interface language resource management in the Windows operating system. Support is provided for adding MUI functionality to globalized applications to run on Windows Vista and later, as well as many pre-Windows Vista operating systems. The MUI localization and resource management models enhance development, testing, and support for world-ready software on AIS industrial and rugged touch panel HMIs.

AIS’s Open Platform, Smart Series of PC-based Touch Panels Help Users Deploy HMIs Globally with Multilingual Communications, Control, Monitoring and Automation

Worldwide, there are 193 countries and over 6,900 known living languages in use today. English, despite its role as the world's business language, is only spoken by 8.5% of the world's population as a first or second language. To provide native information to 94% of the world's population, this information would need to be available in the 347 (about 5%) of the world's languages that have at least a million speakers. As globalization trends increase, the need for industrial automation equipment and solutions with MUI technology increases. AIS’s Premium, Standard, Compact and Compact Plus Open HMIs loaded with Microsoft 7 Ultimate operating systems with MUI technology provides control and automation OEMs and users an easy solution for implementing a localized user interface language and resource management for globalized applications.

With MUI Technology Additional Efficiencies Are Gained with AIS’s Industrial Touch Panels When Developing, Building and Servicing Control and Automation Applications

The most visible benefit of MUI is that multiple users can share the same workstation and view the user interface in different languages. End-Users and OEMs will benefit from the capability they have to roll out, support, and maintain multilingual images with a single installation. Users can also ship one core functionality binary applicable to all platforms, independent of UI language, which significantly reduces development and testing efforts.

AIS’s PC-based touch panels have always been known for their ruggedness, high performance, productivity and efficiency. MUI technology is another way AIS’s Smart series of touch panels help automation OEMs and end-users deploy powerful, multilingual operator interfaces and visualization tools. Here is brief summary of AIS’s intelligent family of Touch Panel PCs and touchscreens preinstalled with Windows 7 Ultimate operating system with MUI technology.

AIS Premium Series HMIs:  Equipped with Intel® Core i7® processor, are specified for the most demanding applications including SCADA, MES and/or ERP.

AIS Standard Series HMIs: The Standard series is an energy efficient and cost-effective open platform touch panel PC for middle-to-end SCADA applications.

AIS Compact Plus Series HMIs: Combines the advantage of a compact and rugged aluminum die-cast frame for industrial machine control and visualization applications.

AIS Compact Series HMIs: Specifically designed for industrial machinery, intelligent, web-based and smart HMI applications.

About AIS

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