Industrial Controls And Factory Automation Market

Date: 6/15/2015

Industrial Controls and Factory Automation Market by ICS, MES, ERP, & ITS Technology, Industrial Network, RFID, Industrial Robotics & Control Field Devices and Process & Discrete Application

The Industrial Controls and Factory Automation Market Is Projected To Reach $301.9 Billion by 2020, From $171.2 Billion in 2013, With A CAGR Of 8.53%

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  • Publishing Date: May 2014
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Integration of smart mechanical systems with IT technology has pushed the Industrial Controls and Factory Automation Market to the new heights. These systems are now being used in the industries to make the standardized and reliable production activities. The automation in the production activities are offering advantages in terms of cost-efficiency, waste reduction, speed production, ease in production monitoring and management, reduced feedback and action times, over the traditional manual processes. The various mechanical instruments and devices are coupled with the smart computing or IT systems for the better results in automation. The scope of the industrial controls and factory automation is not limited to the production floor, but it is extended to the overall business processes. The software systems like Enterprise Resource planning (ERP) are helping the market to extend their service offerings. It is indirectly offering customers better quality with standardized and reliable products within time and at affordable cost.

With the new surge of innovation in technology, the industrial control and factory automation systems are now being utilized by various industries for accurate and reliable process control. In the present scenario when the size of the hardware is reducing and the use of embedded systems have shown a reasonable growth; the upcoming trend of nanotechnology, nanotech sensors, machine-to-machine communication systems and Internet of things will generate growth in the global factory automation market.

The factory automation market is driven by the increasing prominence on energy saving and improving efficiency. The ‘Internet of things’ and the promising trend of cloud based technologies and services are increasing the scope of the industrial controls and factory automation system. The number of internet users have increased drastically in the last decade and almost doubled in the last eight years. With the advancement in wireless technology protocols there has been development in products like introduction of wireless PLC’s, and wireless Remote Terminal Units (RTU), and so on in order to make the automation control systems compatible with the wireless protocols. The countries and governments are promoting the automated and smart manufacturing activities. The market is finding good prospects in the emerging manufacturing bases, increased scope of refurbished robot markets and attractive but untapped potential market of field devices such as Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) and Industrial robots. The market is fuelling in the emerging economies like India, China and Brazil.

The Industrial controls and Factory automation market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.53% in the next six years (2014-2020). In the report the drivers, restraints, and opportunities for the market are covered.

Some of the major companies present in the market are: Siemens Ag (Germany), ABB LTD (Switzerland), Emerson Electric Company (U.S), Rockwell Automation Inc (U.S.), Schneider Electric SA (France) and Honeywell International Inc (U.S.) are considered as the leaders in the market. However, players like Johnson Controls Inc (U.S), General Electric Company (U.S.), Texas Instruments Inc (U.S) and Yokogawa Electric Corporation (Japan).

Geographically, the factory automation market is majorly covered by the Americas, APAC, Europe and Rest of The World (ROW). The Americas market accounts for the largest share and is followed the Europe which is then followed by APAC. Rest of the world (ROW), cover a small market share at present; however, they are expected to show growth in coming years due to the increasing rate of industrial controls and factory automation systems.


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