Flat Panel PCs with Windows Embedded 8 Supports

Date: 6/17/2013

AIS Expands HMI Panel PC Line with Windows Embedded 8 Support in One Trusted Platform Designed For Building Control and Monitoring Systems

Flat Panel PCs and Touch Panels with Windows Embedded 8 Supports

American Industrial Systems Inc. AIS, an ISO 9001:2008 and a certified supplier and manufacturer of Flat Panel PCs, extend support for the Windows Embedded 8 platforms and tools, providing one trusted platform for building intelligent systems. The convergence of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) help companies increase their operational intelligence by using their existing IT infrastructure and industry devices that securely exchange data with back-end systems.  

One Trusted Platform
The AIS HMI Intelligent System provides one trusted platform for factories, manufacturing and processing for your organization’s data-from devices on the edge of your network, to developer tools, back-end systems and services.

The AIS HMI Intelligent System is all-in-one hardware platform compatible with Windows Embedded operating systems. The touch panel computer is unique in that you only need this one platform for micro applications in HMI terminals and/or medium to large applications for manufacturing plants.  

The AIS HMI Panel PC is designed with 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i5/i7 processors for high-performance, with ultra-low power computing in a small, and fan-less form factor. This energy-efficient technology is embedded into the hardware to ensure optimum power efficiency independent of the operating system.  

The AIS HMI Operator Panel is completely based on standard technologies, making sure that your investments are well safeguarded. The XML, ODBC, OPC, VBA, SOAP, Web services, TCP-IP, and SQL technologies have been integrated into the platform to guarantee easy data access and transparency.

The AIS Panel Computer provides communication among devices and back-end systems, and optimizes the collection and transmission of information. The panel computer with pre-installed Windows Embedded family of operating systems supports faster-than-ever connectivity and SkyDrive, for anywhere, anytime access to files, on your hard drive or in the “Cloud”.

The AIS panel PC helps protect devices and information from unwanted content and unauthorized access. The touch panel computer with pre-installed Windows Embedded operating systems, support secure data and device management; hardware and software lockdown; application control and tamper resistance.

The AIS HMI Intelligent System helps businesses maintain and manage hardware and software assets to achieve optimal use of resources at minimal cost and effort, while maximizing performance. The Panel PC with pre-installed Windows Embedded operating systems supports PowerShell automation; new file-management tools and Branch Cache bandwidth optimization technology; and new testing, deployment and migration tools.

Reliability Methods and Standards
AIS understands that high availability and reliability are required to minimize costs of operation (e.g. minimizing scheduled and unplanned maintenance). MTBF is integrated in AIS engineering design, and governs frequency of required system maintenance and inspections.

  • AIS calculates reliability prediction of industrial displays and embedded systems using the Bellcore standard.
  • Tests included: accelerated life test, voltage, current, temperature and vibration tests, temperature and humidity variations tests, and ongoing reliability test.
  • These standards use a series of models for various categories of electronic, electrical and electro-mechanical components to predict steady-state failure rates which environmental conditions, quality levels, electrical stress conditions and various other parameters affect.
  • The MTBF of AIS industrial embedded systems have been in the range of 40,000 to 50,000 hours.

About AIS

Headquartered in Irvine, California, USA, American Industrial Systems, Inc. (AIS) offers in-house electronic and mechanical design, software development, manufacturing, production and quality control services. Offering one of the widest ranges of industrial computing solutions, AIS open platform control and monitoring solutions are available in a multitude of configurations for Industrial, Building Automation, Food & Beverages, and Oil & Gas applications. The company’s HMI solutions are key enabling technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things, (IIoT), Machine-to-Machine Communications (M2M) and Industry 4.0 applications. AIS is fully committed to empowering, improving and delivering turnkey HMI, control, monitoring and display solutions for OEM, ODM and end-user customers. AIS is an ISO 9001:2008 certified supplier and manufacturer of rugged computers and displays. For more information, visit:www.aispro.com, email: sales@aispro.com or contact: 1-888-485-6688.